Namaste, regular schedule for Columbus day, 9:30am at half moon hill in W. Acton, 4 and 6pm in W. Concord. peace, -j

Yoga how it once was…

Not just for the fit and flexible, this is peaceful, mindful Yoga, with lots of breath awareness, and just the right mix of mind, body, and spirit. A validating practice that meets you right where you are, now.

The take away: Memorable-unique tools and techniques that can help you dissolve stress, focus on what really matters, and walk in our world in a lighter – more joyful way.

For even deeper nourishing, check out our
monthly Restorative Yoga Class.

Would you like to feel better, regain flexibility, build strength, lose weight, shed stress, rebalance your life, and-or just be happier?

Not too hard, not too easy… All levels and beginners welcome. Not that difficult – hot, or fast ‘Vinyasa’ Yoga, grounded, mindful and peaceful.

Many studies have shown the physical benefits of Yoga: balance – strength – flexibility – core stability – lower blood pressure – better sleep – weight loss. but there is much more happening here.

Yoga brings a lasting sense of wellbeing that just doesn’t happen with conventional exercise.

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Bee Intelligence and Culture

The Bees are brilliant, at being Bees, and I believe that they deserve our respect and protection, and I sure hope that they let these bees go free.

  • Buddha sitting under Japaneese maple tree

A Splendid Torch

I believe that we are here to offer our gifts and talents in service to what we love about this world. Enjoy this classic quote from George Bernard Shaw.

  • By Law, Silent fireworks in Italy

Silent Fireworks Are Beautiful

The setting of intention is in a way a declaration of independence...

  • Bluebird eggs in woven nest

Bluebird Eggs and Memorial Day Schedule

A successful nesting by our eastern Bluebirds, long may they soar through our air and hearts.

  • Male bluebird sitting on bird bath

For The Love of Birds

In the Northeast, this extended wet and cold spring weather is very challenging for the birds at a very critical time.

Hold Out Your Hand

This breath invites you to write the first word of your new story your new story begins with this:

Walk Slowly

Many have asked for the poem I read in class the other day: I can make the choice to stop, to breathe, and be, and walk slowly into...

Happy Spring

Namaste and happy Spring.

Have you heard about the Bluebird Project that I’m working on?





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