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Namaste. I’ve been practicing and teaching Peace, Yoga, and Mindful living for many years. What comes out in class is from decades of going inwards. I love sharing what is rising in my practice and my day to day life of noticing more about this incredible world we live in. Peace -j

Repealing the law of gravity

Namaste!   Danielle sent me this link to my new friend Mike's Website. He glides from Downward dog to Handstand in the Dharma Mitra tradition: If you're an early bird, I'm sub-teaching the 6:30am Yoga class at Lumina this coming Friday.  Get your day off to good start!  An opportunity to heckle:  I'll be practicing in the window of Lulu Lemon in the Natick Collection Mall this coming Saturday at noon.  Mom and Dad had such hopes for me and I've become a living mannequin... Kirtans with Prajna!      Saturday, September 13 Kirtan with Prajna in Lincoln 7:30 pm St. Anne's in the Fields Episcopal Church 147 Concord Rd. Lincoln, MA Sunday, September 14 Hanuman Chalisa 11am-12 noon The home of Ted and Prajna Hallstrom 207 Concord Rd. Lincoln, MA I'll be sub-teaching a class called Yoga for the Second Half of Life, at The Arlington Center on Thursday Sept. 18 from 10-11:30.  Remember the new Yoga and Nia for Life Yoga class Thursdays at 4pm, and the Heart opening Yoga and Meditation workshop  with myself and Ani Desal, Tibetan Buddhist Nun, on September 27th.  It's coming up pretty soon. Take care, I'll see you in class. John    

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Thanks to Valerie, we have a new word:  Blisscombubulated. That blissed, somewhat confused feeling where you come out of Shavasana after a particularly good Yoga class.  Our lost and found bin is always overflowing with 'forgotten' items.  Most of them make it back to their people. I've just posted the invite to the Yoga and Meditation workshop on Sept 27'th.   After a nice Heart Opening class, Ani Desal, a Tibetan Buddhist Nun, ordained by the Dalai Lama, will lead us in a beautiful meditation.  I hope you can join us, this level of meditation instruction is rare in our parts.   Take care!  I'll see you in class soon. john P.S.   just two spots remain in the fall Yoga Retreat I've got about 5 "maybes" for the two spots. Let me know right away if you'd like to join us.  to be fair to all, the first "Yes" gets the spots.

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Fall Yoga Schedule

Namaste!   A busy weekend of Yoga coming up. Take a break from the bbq's, cool off and join us for a class:   I'm sub teaching the 8am Yoga class Lumina class today (Friday) this is a gentler flow class that I'm teaching for Jyoti.   I'm sub teaching the 9am Yoga and Nia for Life class this coming Sunday the 31'st, a nice all-levels Sunday morning class to start the day.   Labor Day   This coming Monday I'm teaching two Classes:   a 9am class at Half Moon Hill in Acton at Email me for directions. If you like real mellow, with lots of breathing then this class is perfect for you.   then, a 4pm flow class at Yoga and Nia for Life in West Concord. Check out the cool "work off the Veggieburger" flyer for this one. There's a dedicated Monday crew of yogis, and this one is appropriate for all levels. If your new to yoga for Life, this is a good opportunity to check this class out.   New Class!   […]

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Jivamukti Yoga

Namaste, This weekend I'll be heading out to Woodstock NY to spend time with my teachers David Life and Sharon Gannon. David and Sharon are longtime yogis and founders of the Jivamukti style of Yoga.  Jiva means soul, and Mukti means liberation.  The Jivamukti yogi practices to become liberated in this lifetime, and to help all beings be free of suffering.  Next time you are in NY city, head up to Union Square and visit their beautiful Yoga studio. So next week I'll be having some wonderful substitue teachers cover our classes. Jyoti will be teaching the Monday 4pm Yoga and Nia for life class in Cocnord, the Tuesday 6:30pm Lumina class in Wayland, and the Wednesday Bosse classes in Sudbury.  Linda Seik will be teaching the Thursday 5:30pm Yoga class in West Concord.  The Monday Half Moon Hill class in Acton, and the Thursday 9am Maynard class will not be held next week. I've got some great workshops planned for the fall, and there are still a few spots open in our Fall Yoga Retreat in western Mass.  I'm looking forward to sharing what I learn when I get back, and hear how nice your classes with Jyoti and Linda were. Om Shanti,  I'll see you in class. john

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