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Namaste. I've been practicing and teaching Peace, Yoga, and Mindful living for many years. What comes out in class is from decades of going inwards. I love sharing what is rising in my practice and my day to day life of noticing more about this incredible world we live in. Peace -j


I Just had to share this video of twin baby mooses.  You can click the share button below to email it to a friend.   Thanks to those who could make it to the outdoor class at the Maynard Farmers Market this am.  Hope to see you all at the Smiletrain benefit tonight !    see you in class  -john   Be sure to check out the Fall retreat with John !     

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SmileTrain Update

We've now raised enough to fund six surgeries!  thanks for all your help in spreading the word!  Here's how we are helping:     To find out how you can help us, click here:  SmileTrain benefit

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Required reading for anyone who has a body:   Waking: A Memoir A paraplegic Yoga teacher with much to share.  I'll be re-reading this book next time I feel challenged. From the web review: Matthew's mental awareness--as a result of a spinal cord injury--was literally knocked out of the lower two-thirds of his body. While doctors were able to keep him alive, he was not given the tools to reconnect his mind to his paralyzed body. Matthew describes how for years after the devastating accident, from the chest down, he experiences a "schism" or "a form of silence" between his mind and his body. During his first months in the hospital and later periods in intensive care units there was so much pain that leaving his body became a survival skill. These experiences alone catapulted Matthew into unknown territory when it comes to understanding the mind and body. From this understanding Matthew begins to practice, and eventually teach Iyengar Yoga. Take care, I'll see you in class. John

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Humane Myth

Everyone seems to be going green, or talking about it anyway.  Even yoga studios are trying to tread a little lighter on the planet.    As yogis who seek the truth, we need to sift through all these claims and find out whats really happening.  A new term "Greenwashing" has popped up.   When you are beign pitched by a company claiming that they are the 'green' choice, dig a little deeper.  Often times, things are not what they seem.    Another area where talk is extremely louder than the walk is the food industry.  My good friends and mentors James Laveck and Jenny Stein have launched a new website dedicated to the truth.   Take a few minutes to ponder the HumaneMyth website.   pass it along. See you in class, om shanti -john 

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Smiletrain Benefit

Namaste!   I hope your spring is going well.  Wanted to update you on some happenings.    First off, if you're out and about this coming Sunday morn,  I'm teaching a free class in the LuLu Lemon store, Natick collection Mall.  it's at 10am, and I hear the Sunday classes are very popular. get there early !   On Sat. July 5'th I'll be cooking for the Maynard Farmers Market in my solar oven.     and answering questions about treading lighter on the planet.    on Sat. July 26, I'll be teaching a free outdoor yoga class at the Maynard farmers market.   And !  later that day, I'm very excited about the Smiletrain benefit at Mystic Fitness on Saturday July 26th 5:30pm !!  Smiletrain performs surgeries on children born with cleft palates in developing countries. 100% of income directly funds surgeries.   We're going to fill the room, and with 100% of this classes proceeds going to the charity, we're hoping to raise enough for at least two surgeries,  Imagine, by coming to class you can change the lives for two children ?  and their families?   To take our Yoga to the next level, we must make space for it... we must get out of the way.  The best way I've found to do this is to make an offering of [...]

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