Your 2016 Year In Review

Namaste! We’ve been doing this writing exercise for years, I dusted it off, updated a bit. wish I had more time! - As my voice has changed... but here it is, as it is. I hope you make the time, I think that you'll be glad that you did: (printable version at the end) Before we turn the page on 2016... Let’s look back. It’s usually best to keep this a somewhat lighter inward journey, There’s no going back to change anything. and there’s no one, or no need to impress. Be gentle but firm with yourself. Can you carve out 10 –20 minutes for this meditation & writing exercise? Make a cup of something to sip, get a nice pen, three pieces of paper, a pad of post-its, perhaps your calendar. Find a quiet place where you can sit. It’s okay to skip this part, but if you keep a calendar or appointment book a brief skim can jog our memory as to how much has passed this year. Light a candle, and get comfortable. Let your breath smooth out and slide into meditation for a few moments... Once in quiet space, reflect on your experience of 2016. Let your mind drift through the past year, [...]

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Max Richter Sleep

I love sharing the music that I find for my own practice.. Here's links to some amazing cello music perfect for yoga and meditation. Great to practice, and cook with. Composed for sleeping actually. Enjoy!

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