Yoga and Creativity

Overcoming and outsmarting procrastination and resistance is the key to manifesting an idea into reality. Everything in our world once started as pure thought, then the thinker had to deal with their block to bring it forth into reality.

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Cat House On The Kings

 Please take a few moments to watch this video, an introduction to a most-unusal animal shelter in California.  Over 700 cats and a bunch of dogs live together in harmony at the Cat House on The Kings:  Share with a friend who could use a smile!   Piece of cake if you use the button below to email the link. Registration now open for the Yoga and Cooking Class, check the events page for details. Om Shanti.  -j

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A very-inspiring Asana practice from the folks at Elephant Beans, click the link below to see the video: karandavasana I'm often asked to recommend books, dvd's, but am most-asked about the music playing in class.  I've begun to populate the john's favorite link on the left side of my website with selected items.  I'm now working on a way to post the songlists from class.  Now that would be very-cool. Om Shanti, See you in class! -john

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Hang Time

Stepped out my front door on Saturday and swoosh, my feet went right out from under me.   Down the stairs I went. I’d like to say that I landed in wheel pose, but no. I slammed down in an undignified heap on the ground.  I immediately spouted something profane about the person who was supposed to clear the stairs. Of course it’s their fault, not mine…     I was able to right my mind stream before getting up, laughing at my automatic reaction of anger and finger pointing. Looking back, my mind was already in the car, and wondering how the roads were. Not being present landed me flat on my back.  ouch.   I had great hang-time though.     That moment in the air. Can remember the last time you slipped, had a near miss in the car, reached for your wallet and it wasn’t there, tripped on something, or watched the car door lock closed with your keys in the ignition?    The split second before you react, that’s stillness, fully present in the moment. That’s what we’re moving towards in our Yoga and Meditation practice. More time in the present. Stretching out that stillness, so there’s time to choose an appropriate action instead of mindlessly reacting.    No, don’t throw [...]

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Maple Farm Sanctuary

An update from Cheri at Maple Farm Sanctuary: In late September a Mendon resident called us saying there was a Canada Goose in her yard, unable to fly. Jim and I got our net and small blankets and went to catch the goose. When we arrived it was obvious the goose couldn't fly but there we no signs of injury. Once we got him back to the sanctuary, I examined him for obvious broken bones or other trauma. The only finding was that he was young and very underweight. We didn't want him to bond with us (as difficult as that was!) so we provided him with lots of food, fresh water and the ability to stay in the barn or leave. He began going into the barnyard and making practice flights. He flourished! He knew the barn schedule better than we did. As I fed the squished grapes to the chickens at night the goose quickly grew to appreciate the special treat as well. As November came to an end more flocks of Canada Geese were coming to visit our fields. With each coming and going was a lot of honking. Our little goose was now paying closer attention to all of this activity. Then, one morning [...]

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Om Shanti

The philosophy of Yoga teaches us that that conciously shifting from the mindset of "what can I get, to what can I give" is the path to lasting freedom and happiness.

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Yesterday’s News

In the 1920's, it was believed that smoking cigarettes helped with respiration, Tour DeFrance riders would lite up and share cigarettes before big hills.  Aren't you tired of the old thoughts, beliefs, prejudices?  How do we release who we used to be, and embrace who we are becoming?  Steady practice wipes the slate clean.  Patanjali wrote these Sutras over two thousand years ago:    1-13 Tatra sthitau yatno-’bhyasah Being firmly established in the state of controlled thought waves is called practice. 1-14 Sa tu dirgha-kala-nairantarya-satkarasevito dridha-bhumih Persistent practice, becomes firmly grounded in presence when it has been practiced for a long, uninterrupted time, and with earnest devotion. sah - that practice tu - however dirghakala - (for) a long time nairantarya - without interruption satkara - reverence, devotion, respect avesitah - pursued, practiced, continued dridhabhumih - firmly grounded   I saw this bag in the store the other day.  Old news.  Not much good except for cat litter and bird cages.  What old ways do you hold on to?  Next time you practice, shed your skin, and thaw your heart.  Let each breath out make room for the new.  It's never too late to re-write your story.   I'm planning a special New Years Day workshop on making space for lasting change.  we'll explore our practice as a vehicle for transformation. [...]

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