Spring Is Coming!

Buddha Statue in the snow, spring cleaning class

Not known to be a skier, he’s up to his eyes with this snow… 

Thanks so much to the Yoga and Cooking class attendees this past weekend!  Great food, lots of fun, and many requests to have another.  Isn’t it the perfect place and huge kitchen for a class like that?  It’s a joy to teach there every Monday morning. 

Thanks to Amy for her kitchen skills.  I’ll be sure to post the pictures and recipes up here very soon.  Send in your recipe/theme requests for the next class.  A series would be excellent.

I just opened the registration for our annual Spring Equinox Yoga class.  Saturday, March 21’st 12:30 to 2:30pm at Yoga and Nia for Life.  we already have a few sign-ups for this spring-cleaning class, let me know right away if you can join us.  This will be an opportunity to honor the changing of the seasons, clear out old ways of thinking, dismiss lingering tensions and anxieties in our body/mind.  Say Yes to spring.

Also check out the Restorative class that Natalie Engler and I are hosting at Yoga and Nia for Life on March 29’th.  12:20-2pm.  Natalie is a master at restorative Yoga and this special class is limited to just 20 participants.

Yeah, another storm, but spring seems right around the corner!   The Pic above is the Buddha who greets me as I leave my house each day.  

I’ve been talking with Maria about Monday’s classes, we’ll make the call around noontime if the roads look safe or not.  Please call the studio/check the studio website before you come out for Yoga class in West Concord. 

Check the events page, or subscribe to the blog updates to be sure not to miss any announcements. 

Om Shanti,  I’ll see you in class.