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Thank you for signing up for a session of Yoga through the Concord Adult Education.

Would you like to try out a class before you sign up? Sessions run continuously, and you could drop in and try any of the classes listed on my Classes Page

In case you’re not sure what class to choose, know that if you’re able to move around okay you would be fine with any of the classes.

There was one additional class time that was not listed in the catalog, Thursdays from 5:30 to 7pm.  If that time works better for you, you could switch from any of the other classes  to that one.

Please wear comfortable clothing, we have great air conditioning

We have plenty of loaner mats.

We have  a top of the line water filter on tap. Fill your water bottle on us.

Classes are held at Starfish Dance and Yoga – Formerly known as ( Yoga For Life.) at 135 Commonwealth Ave in West Concord. In the same building as the Florist, directly across from the Nashoba Brook Bakery, and just down the street from Debra’s Natural Gourmet.

Lots of parking can be found around town, There’s a big free lot just across the street. I can help you learn where to leave your car.

Please go lightly with scented products, or consider not wearing them at all, some are very sensitive

Any questions, you can call me at 978-257-643(Zero)  or email me anytime.  Eganvay @