In our culture, Kirtan has come to mean songs of devotion called out in Sanskrit by a leader, and responded to in chorus, along with some instruments. You hear some of these songs in Yoga class. The voices unite, and you feel really good after You can come, 'hide' in the chorus until you find your range, and join in.... Everyone can sing kirtan.

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Show Me a Sign

After meditation this morning, I played a few Bhajans on this old harmonium, usually puts me in a great mood, and I'm ready for just about anything. I was thinking about our challenging times and our many different ways of coping. How practice can be seen as refuge, but eventually we must

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Thanks to all who Joined us for the full-house Yoga of Sound workshop on Saturday.  I'm getting lots of great feedback along with requsts for more Kirtan and Movie nights.  Your presence makes these events possible. The Namesake is one of my favorite films and the soundtrack is just stunning, it was a pleasure to watch it again with all of you. Our next event is a Free Yoga Class with three teachers at Yoga and Nia for Life, December 6'th 12-2pm.  Bring a donation of food for the Food Pantry and get a great Yoga class!   I'll be warming us up with breathwork and gentle twists.  Kate will take over for a nice flow.  Natalie will then lead us through an amazing restorative series of postures, and ease us all into a nice long Shavasana.  Join us in helping to feed people.  You'll be doing good, and feeling great.  find out more at the Yoga Events page   We'll end just in time for the Polar Bear Plunge at Walden Pond.  Yes, they go swimming to encourage education about global warming.  There's a video of last years plunge on the page. I wish you all a healthy, happy and compassionate holiday, I'll be in retreat at the Ashram for the next five days, Susan Chorman is sub-teaching our classes on Monday. Om [...]

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Bhagavan Das

This Bhagavan Das video will stir your soul, He's been practicing Yoga and Meditation longer than I've been alive!  Her he shares his journey of awakening, Alan Watts, Travelling to India, Neem Karoli Baba, and Ram Das.  Be sure to watch till the end.   Jai Ma! Join us for the Yoga and Meditation Workshop  this weekend, and Free movie night!    

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Shining eyes

Benjaman Zander will change how you experience classical music in this must-see TED video.  More than well-worth the 20 minutes.  How many eyes have you made shine today?    Be sure to check out the Yoga Workshops page to see what's happening this fall.    

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