Bhagavan Das

This Bhagavan Das video will stir your soul, He's been practicing Yoga and Meditation longer than I've been alive!  Her he shares his journey of awakening, Alan Watts, Travelling to India, Neem Karoli Baba, and Ram Das.  Be sure to watch till the end.   Jai Ma! Join us for the Yoga and Meditation Workshop  this weekend, and Free movie night!    

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Zombie Yoga

Happy Halloween!  Only By Popular demand... I'm posting the Zombie Yoga video.   I sent it to a few Yogis, and now everyone wants to see it.  To publicize a new book, an invite to "Dress like a zombie and bring a Yoga mat to Central park in NY."  was sent out.  A bunch of NYC Zombies showed up.  They filmed the zombie practice and posted it on Utube.  Might be a bit squeamish for some, think Michael Jackson Thriller video gone bad...    P.S.  There's some room left in the November Yoga workshop on the 22′nd in W. Concord.  There's live Kirtan music starting at 2:30. Maria is hosting a potluck dinner afterwards, and then I'll be screening a movie 6'ish.  I'm zeroing in on just the right film, and this will kick off movie nights at YNFL. Send in suggetsions for films you'd like to see! P.S.S  Yes, I think it was a new record at Lumina on Tuesday night!

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Yoga Etiquette

 The Etiquette of Yoga Class   Yoga is a very solitary practice, done in a group setting. Try not to distract your neighbor in class. Here are some basic guidelines for a peaceful practice for all.   Remove your shoes, leave them outside the studio.   Choose an appropriate-level class, if you are new to Yoga, introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know. Ask if this class is right for you.   Let the instructor know if you have any injuries.   Turn your cell phone off. If someone forgets, send them compassion, not scowls.   Arrive a few minutes early, use the time to calm yourself, get in tune with your breathing, and prepare for class.  Many arrive early to meditate before practice. Be fair, be quiet.   Enter and create your space quietly. Don’t snap your mat open.  Set it down and roll it open.  Don’t drop your blanket, the dust raised sticks to contact lenses.   If you arrive late, sit and wait till after the opening meditation to unroll your mat.   In the fuller classes, be generous with your space. You may need to move over.   If you need to leave early, please tell the instructor before class. Take a few minutes for your Shavasana, and then quietly depart. [...]

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Namaste!  Everyone wants to know how the retreat went!  Thanks for all the encouraging notes. From the amazing feedback, I would say that our Fall retreat at SpiritFire was a great success.  The weather was perfect, each day the foliage turned more vibrant.  Meals were astounding, and the rooms very comfortable.  I really like how every detail was watched over and cared for by the staff.  This allowed us to really focus on the depth of our practice.  Having our morning Yoga practice and meals in total silence (Mauna) added a richness and texture to our presence at SpiritFire.  The hikes were breathtaking, our Mantra practice cathedral-like, and our celebratory fire circle warmed us inside and out.   The act of spiritual retreat is ancient, and even more applicable in our times, To retreat is to step back and gain perspective, a clearer view of how we've been living.  Through practices of awareness we measure that against how we'd like to be living, and resolve to create the appropriate changes.  Leaving behind the old, we reintegrate back into our lives, holding  space for practice, for presence, and to bring the essence of our retreat back home. We're already planning next years retreat, same place, same weekend!  And we're looking at a Spring Retreat to Ananda Ashram, Where I've [...]

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Repealing the law of gravity

Namaste!   Danielle sent me this link to my new friend Mike's Website. He glides from Downward dog to Handstand in the Dharma Mitra tradition:   http://www.dharmamittrayogacolorado.com/ If you're an early bird, I'm sub-teaching the 6:30am Yoga class at Lumina this coming Friday.  Get your day off to good start!  An opportunity to heckle:  I'll be practicing in the window of Lulu Lemon in the Natick Collection Mall this coming Saturday at noon.  Mom and Dad had such hopes for me and I've become a living mannequin... Kirtans with Prajna!      Saturday, September 13 Kirtan with Prajna in Lincoln 7:30 pm St. Anne's in the Fields Episcopal Church 147 Concord Rd. Lincoln, MA Sunday, September 14 Hanuman Chalisa 11am-12 noon The home of Ted and Prajna Hallstrom 207 Concord Rd. Lincoln, MA I'll be sub-teaching a class called Yoga for the Second Half of Life, at The Arlington Center on Thursday Sept. 18 from 10-11:30.  Remember the new Yoga and Nia for Life Yoga class Thursdays at 4pm, and the Heart opening Yoga and Meditation workshop  with myself and Ani Desal, Tibetan Buddhist Nun, on September 27th.  It's coming up pretty soon. Take care, I'll see you in class. John    

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Thanks to Valerie, we have a new word:  Blisscombubulated. That blissed, somewhat confused feeling where you come out of Shavasana after a particularly good Yoga class.  Our lost and found bin is always overflowing with 'forgotten' items.  Most of them make it back to their people. I've just posted the invite to the Yoga and Meditation workshop on Sept 27'th.   After a nice Heart Opening class, Ani Desal, a Tibetan Buddhist Nun, ordained by the Dalai Lama, will lead us in a beautiful meditation.  I hope you can join us, this level of meditation instruction is rare in our parts.   Take care!  I'll see you in class soon. john P.S.   just two spots remain in the fall Yoga Retreat I've got about 5 "maybes" for the two spots. Let me know right away if you'd like to join us.  to be fair to all, the first "Yes" gets the spots.

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