In our culture, Kirtan has come to mean songs of devotion called out in Sanskrit by a leader, and responded to in chorus, along with some instruments. You hear some of these songs in Yoga class. The voices unite, and you feel really good after You can come, 'hide' in the chorus until you find your range, and join in.... Everyone can sing kirtan.

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Studies have shown that happiness is contagious. By choosing to be happy, you are helping others to be happy.

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Recently, I read where a seasoned Yoga teacher, with 'impressive' credentials was asked "What does Yoga mean to you?. Her answer surprised me...

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Making Time for Practice

Just when I had thought I'd heard all the reasons not to practice, A regular and committed student told me: "My Dog ate my mala." Didn't we all try that in grade school with our homework?

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Want Less

The next time you find yourself wanting, sit with the desire. This is the practice of Aparigraha, non-grasping, one of the five

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Catch and Release

In Asana class the other day we talked about balancing strive with acceptance and humility. Our physical practice can invoke our striving nature, our need to compete, to improve, or 'collect' postures, especially the ones we see as advanced. This can distract us from our path, and can lead to...

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The You Bar

I've just hooked up with this great company that makes custom nutritional bars! there's a great web interface, you choose your own ingredients from a menu, and they even print your chosen name on the wrappers!

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