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Namaste.  with the snowy season here I’ll do my best to post cancellations here and you can always call the studio’s

phone number where the outgoing message will say wether class is on or not.  It’s looking like we can have Saturdays

class before the snow sets in.

Peace,  -j

Yoga how it once was…

Not just for the fit and flexible, All are welcome to this peaceful and mindful Yoga. Lots of breath awareness. A validating practice that begins right where you are, now. And helps you get you to where you want to be, with just the right mix of Mind, Body and Spirit.

The take away: Memorable-unique tools and techniques that can help you dissolve stress, focus on what really matters, and walk in our world in a lighter – more joyful way. This practice brings out the best in people.

Would you like to feel better, regain flexibility, build strength, lose weight, shed stress, rebalance your life, and-or just be happier?

Not too hard, not too easy… All levels and beginners welcome. Not that difficult – hot, or fast ‘Vinyasa’ Yoga, rather mindful and peaceful.

Many studies have shown the physical benefits of Yoga: balance – spinal decompression – strength – flexibility – core stability – lower blood pressure – better sleep – weight loss. but there is much more happening here.

Yoga brings a lasting sense of wellbeing that just doesn’t happen with conventional exercise. Body Mind and Spirit.

From the yoga with john blog

  • humpback whale tail

For the fist time ever a Humpback whale has been observed leaping fully out of the water.

For the fist time ever, a Humpback whale has been observed leaping fully out of the water. video:

The Big Game

I dream of an alternate reality where: We’ve gotten over the idea that ‘games’ where one side has to lose for another to win is a good idea. It’s a small planet, we need to work together.

  • book cover

When The Drummers Were Women

Namaste, Thank you for your kind emails about our Yoga classes in concord being a welcome refuge in our strange new world. I'll continue to do my best to cultivate a safe space, where all [...]

Your 2016 Year In Review

Namaste! We’ve been doing this writing exercise for years, I dusted it off, updated a bit. wish I had more time! - As my voice has changed... but here it is, as it is. [...]

  • Tufted Titmouse bird holding a peanut in his beak

For The Birds

All day long my feathered friends visit, grab a seed, and take off. The birds are used to me now and don't mind me standing there, and each one brings a smile to my face.

  • closeup image of cello strings and F-hole

Max Richter Sleep

I love sharing the music that I find for my own practice.. Here's links to some amazing cello music perfect for yoga and meditation. Great to practice, and cook with. Composed for sleeping actually. Enjoy!

  • Clock with numerals replaced with the word Now

Turn Clocks Back Tonight

I propose that instead of turning back tonight, we all turn our clocks ahead to Wednesday Morning...

  • Honeybees on drawn comb

Bee Intelligence and Culture

The Bees are brilliant, at being Bees, and I believe that they deserve our respect and protection, and I sure hope that they let these bees go free.

Have you heard about the Bluebird Project that I’m working on?





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