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Namaste!  As our community grows we can share resources here.  Send me any links you’d like to see, any business you’d like to see us all support. It takes a village. Om Shanti.  -j

Use a Water Filter, or you are the Water Filter

multipure water filtersThe US Cancer Prevention Panel’s number one caution is to drink filtered tap water over plastic bottled water.

The statistics on bottled water are staggering, the amount of oil used to make the bottles, the amount of them that do not get recycled each year, the fuel expended to truck it around the country, and to top it off, they leach BPA – a highly toxic chemical into the water. 

The leading brands of bottled water are filtered tap water, yes… our ground water, filtered and sold back to us at up to 1900 times the cost.

Why not filter your own, for pennies a gallon? I only recommend what I use myself. Multipure Water filters. I love mine, and have been using it now for over twenty five years.

No more plastic water bottles, clean and fresh water filtered from the tap. I fill my stainless bottle on the way out the door each day. It’s all I’ll cook with, and even ice cubes taste better. I find that I drink more water 

Simple to maintain: I change the filter cartridge just once a year. That’s it. Highest quality water for pennies a gallon. Be part of the solution to our environmental issues.If you do decide to invest in a Multi-Pure filter, I’d appreciate your typing in my distributor code when ordering: 431463 

Click here to visit the Multi-Pure website.



Remarkable Blackbird Beautiful henna tattoo designs, available for parties.

Sophy is a talented Henna artist and face painter:

Blogs I Read

LexiYoga Lexi publishes a very-cool Yoga Blog with articles, information, and great photography.  Visit her site often as things change frequently.  She also accepts guest articles that tie in well with her theme.  Sign up for her RSS feed to stay in touch.   Thanks Lexi.

Jo Tyler shares eloquently on living a compassionate life in her blog This Vegan Life.


Visit Reiki Master Julia at the Haven in Harvard for energy work, and intuitive readings. Sit and have a special tea in her Farmers kitchen and spend time with her rescued animals.  A very healing place.  Call her at: 978-456-8613

The Massage School.  Acton Ma.  Help Massage students get better and get a great massage.

Beth Hill, LMT, Specializes in Swedish relaxation massage, and deep tissue work.  email Beth at –, or call her at 978-257-9619

Mary Corbet Hernandez, LMT is a fully trained and licensed therapist in Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release. Call 508-647-3200 – email Mary at: – or visit to find our more.  


Irene Durand Bryan – Licensed Psychologist and Core Energetics therapist. Irene is a good friend, has an office in Concord, and comes highly recommended. Call Irene at 203-610-5814 


Thomas Buckborough Associates – Master builders, designers and renovators. Beautiful work!

Handy Man:  Mr. Fix-It Bill Ewing does great work on very-small to medium jobs around the house, He’s done some great work for me and I highly recommend.  Call him at: 978-790-9838

Nourishing The Body – Food and Restaurants

The You Bar Custom-made energy bars, Design your own bar with 45 ingredients to choose from, ingenious software helps you create your masterpiece.  They even print your chosen name on the labels.

Kids love ’em, great gifts, and I also know a few business’ using them as advertising.  One of my favorites.  Be sure to enter YogaJohn as a coupon code at checkout to get 5% off your order!

The Seaweed Man Freshly Harvested sea vegetable from the coast of Maine.

Every Fall I look forward to my fresh picked dates arriving from The Date People a farm in california that lives and breathes these amazing fruits.

Please support these area Vegan restaurants:

•    Peace o’ Pie ( in Allston
•    True Bistro ( in Somerville
•    Masao’s Kitchen in Waltham
•    The Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly Mass
When in New Hampshire be sure to visit
And the plentiful options at The Red Lentil in Watertown Ma

Destinations – Places to Stay

The Ginger Cat Bed and Breakfast Beautiful Vegan B and B, right around the corner from Farm Sanctuary in upstate NY.  Gita is a long-time friend  and also offers web-design services.  stop by to see her bountiful gardens and meet the cats

Gifts and Shopping

Snooty Jewelry Jeanine creates Eco-minded, and animal friendly ‘Vegan’ Jewelry masterpieces.  jeanine was living green years before most of us even heard the word.

Stucci Jewelers in Natick has won so many ‘best of’ awards that he’s literally run out of wall space, the awards lean up against the wall and he encourages people to vote for someone else next year. Visit gary for personalized service, design, and repair of jewelry and watches. If you can envision it, Gary can make it.

Yoga Clothing:

I love yoga


Kirtan with Dave Russell Dave came over to my home studio and repair shop the other day, we spent a few hours fixing-up  his collection of harmoniums, Dave’s experience with kirtan started back in 69 at Woodstock.  Dave offers Inspired satsang in western mass, branching-out our way on occasion, check out his calendar and keep an eye out for a CD of Dave’s chants soon. Irene leads vibrant and uplifting Kirtans, and provides live music for Yoga Classes.

Tom Lena Music –  I love Tom’s kirtans and often teach to his live music. Catch one of Toms events and you’ll be hooked.

Mindful Parenting Skills

Mimi Doe is a prolific award-winning writer and renowned parenting ‘guru’ – Be sure to signup for her popular Newsletter – Spiritual Parenting Parenting Beyond Words –

Kathy Whitham RN, Is a gifted behavior parenting coach, who specializes in helping parents of pre-schoolers ease struggles and foster peaceful communication skills in the family dynamic.

Video and Film

if you know of anyone who is looking for help with film or video projects, Taylor is ready to help with editing, shooting film, or whatever might be needed. His website is

Writers who practice with us

Tracy Winn –    Gifted storyteller and author of Mrs. Somebody Somebody.

Stona Fitch –   Award winning novelist and founder of The Concord Free Press.

Elisa Pearmain –  Storyteller and Author of Doorways to the soul, a book to savor.

Mimi Doe – Renowned parenting ‘guru’ and award winning author of five works on spiritual parenting.

Jean Fain – Author of The Self Compassion Diet – also writes for Oprah and teaches for Harvard University. In her practice through psychotherapy and hypnosis, Jean helps people understand and transcend compulsions and addictions around food and other substances.

Mariko Lin Chang – Author of Shortchanged – Why women have less wealth and what to do about it.

Rosie Rosenzweig – Resident Scholar in Women’s Studies, Brandeis. Author of A Jewish Mother in Shangri-la.

Lisa C. Briggs – Author of Recovering Beauty: Sacred Rituals to Clear Emotional Weight.

Yoga teachers and Studios

Visit Durga Studio in Harvard Mass.  Jen Sundeen’s teaching and expression of Goddess energy is pure bliss personified. One of the best Childrens Yoga teahers, Tara Carey.

Black Crow Yoga –   Visit Dean’s beautiful Yoga studio in Arlington Massachusetts.

Visit Laura Bete’s beautiful website  at She’s one of the greatest living examples of selfless service.

Visit to help find a Yoga class when travelling