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Harmonium lessons

John hosts Kirtan workshops where beginners can learn the basics of leading chants, playing harmoniums and learning the meanings of Mantras. 

Harmonium Repairs

Does your Harmonium buzz, keys stick, has she lost sustain?  Bring your harmonium to one of my regular Harmonium repair clinics in West Concord, Massachusetts. I can fix her up, and show you how to take better care of your instrument.  Many fixes can be done while you wait: Spring adjustments, sticky keys, leak fix, reeds, scale-changer and coupler adjustments… If you can't wait, then read about simple repairs here at Harmonium repair.

Harmonium repair and modifications – Boston, Massachusetts, and sometimes, New York, NYC.  It's best to email me with a good description of your issue, and find out when the next clinic is.

Here's a great link to History of the Harmonium