Hello, on this page I describe and point to some of my favorite things and services that are part of my intentional lifestyle. Most are in the spirit of frugality, fun, and healthy, simple responsible living. I’m continually trying to shift from a over-full life, to a more fulfilled life. For me that’s is always a constant re-shuffling of priorities… And letting go.

Enjoy! and I’d love to hear of your most favorite things and share them with our community. You can email me at Eganvay (@) gmail.com.

So many people have asked where they can get one of the Chakra Balls that has been lighting up our Concord Yoga studio. This orb smoothly changes from one color to the next, and is a blend of mesmerizing and meditative.  Home Depot stopped selling them, found this even cooler one on amazon. Enjoy!

 The Chakra Ball