In Japa Mala Mantra practice, once you learn the technique and mechanics, the key to results is focus, and practice.

Focus: on the result you wish to see, if it’s change, phrase it in a positive tense, see yourself as already in that new state. Really experience it with all your senses. How does it feel?

Practice: if this is new to you resolve to practice your mantra 4,000 times then, follow through with it.

Sounds like a lot? just 1 round a day for 40 days, a round each in the am and pm for 20 days, or the fast track, 4 times a day for 10 days. You can do this. You’ll be glad you’ve done this.

In the engineering community we had a saying, Want change? Make change.

Change takes action!

Thought is a start, plants the seed.

Thought + intention = the potential for change.

Thought + intention + regular practice = Transformation

This is a science. The science of clearly focusing the mind, (dharana) to make space for meditation(Dhyanna.) If you practice, you will see the results. Remember that it’s just one of many paths.

Don’t rush, fully articulate your mantra, respect the space between the beads, and the sounds. Like the transitions in your breath and your asanas, everything matters…. or nothing matters.

If you’re wearing your mala, it’s the right wrist (sun) for men, the left wrist (Lunar) for women.

I’d be glad to answer any questions, send an email or ask me after class.

Om shanti, peace… I’ll see you in class