happiness is yoga 

Psychology Studies have shown that happiness is contagious. By choosing to be happy,  you are helping others to be happy. 

Yoga tells us that happiness comes from contentment, non-grasping, and service to others.  The Sanskrit word for selfless service is Seva.   

It's a very simple formula, Find what you serve, your calling, Do that.  

Not sure what you serve?  here's a hint, we don't choose our calling, it chooses us.  Meditate on it… at some level you know what moves you.  When we serve our calling, there' s unlimited energy, and our sense of time slips away.  

Still elusive?  Try some volunteer work.  There are countless opportunities to serve people, animals, and the environment. Coach a kids team, clean a river, help at the food pantry, walk the dogs over at Buddy dog… Let me know if I can help you find a gig.

I've been on the volunteer staff at the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats for over 15 years.  Tomorrow morning I'll be there, cleaning, grooming, feeding, and offering my care to the homeless animals. Maybe not for everyone, but for me, the work is pure Ananda, or bliss. 

There's a time for sadness and grief, surely they are healing emotions.  I'm sure there's times when anxiety helps protect us. but the way back to feeling good again is to:

Do what you love, for people who love what you do.

Om Shanti,


p.s.  let us know what you serve, post a comment, perhaps you'll help someone else find their way too happiness