Fruit Fly Mukti

When we chant Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu it means May *All* Beings Be Free of Suffering. We vow to do our best. Got fruit flies? Here's the solution. Here's a pic of my nifty fruit fly catch and release system:

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Yoga, Inc.

John Philp was kind enough to send me a copy of his documentary Yoga, INC. to review for you all. John's film addresses the sideshow that our national Yoga scene has become, Yoga (asana) competitions, lawsuits, franchises, infideliity and sexual misconduct. Here's a short clip:

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In our culture, Kirtan has come to mean songs of devotion called out in Sanskrit by a leader, and responded to in chorus, along with some instruments. You hear some of these songs in Yoga class. The voices unite, and you feel really good after You can come, 'hide' in the chorus until you find your range, and join in.... Everyone can sing kirtan.

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Catch and Release

In Asana class the other day we talked about balancing strive with acceptance and humility. Our physical practice can invoke our striving nature, our need to compete, to improve, or 'collect' postures, especially the ones we see as advanced. This can distract us from our path, and can lead to...

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Humane Myth

Everyone seems to be going green, or talking about it anyway.  Even yoga studios are trying to tread a little lighter on the planet.    As yogis who seek the truth, we need to sift through all these claims and find out whats really happening.  A new term "Greenwashing" has popped up.   When you are beign pitched by a company claiming that they are the 'green' choice, dig a little deeper.  Often times, things are not what they seem.    Another area where talk is extremely louder than the walk is the food industry.  My good friends and mentors James Laveck and Jenny Stein have launched a new website dedicated to the truth.   Take a few minutes to ponder the HumaneMyth website.   pass it along. See you in class, om shanti -john 

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