When The Drummers Were Women

Namaste, Thank you for your kind emails about our Yoga classes in concord being a welcome refuge in our strange new world. I'll continue to do my best to cultivate a safe space, where all are welcome. Some of you have asked about this great book I'm reading about the spiritual history of rhythm by Layne Redmond. I've been listening to to Layne's music for years and years. I've often said that her drumming is more accurate than any metronome. It's only recently that I looked into her life and discovered her sacred activism through her writing. For fifteen years she researched the place of the feminine in music and leadership throughout the ancient world, culminating in her book that details "a lost history of a time when women were the primary percussionists in the ancient world and also explains why they are not today." After devoting her life to teaching, healing, and empowering the feminine through rhythm and breathing, Layne passed from this world in 2013, leaving behind an impressive body of work in her writing, and her albums of music and meditations on the Chakras and breathing. You can take a look at her (now rare) book here:  When The Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond.  And yes, the Minuteman Library Network has a [...]

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Max Richter Sleep

I love sharing the music that I find for my own practice.. Here's links to some amazing cello music perfect for yoga and meditation. Great to practice, and cook with. Composed for sleeping actually. Enjoy!

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During the course of a 90 minute Yoga class about 27 billion of your cells will perish, and around the same amound will be regenerated... And what are the raw materials for these new cells?

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