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Over the years I’ve heard so many amazing stories of renewal. Hearing how Yoga helps you encourages me to evolve as a teacher, while helping others considering Yoga, to come try a class.  Drop me a line if you’d like to share what class means to you.

I appreciate your classes so much. They’ve become a central – and eagerly anticipated – part of my week. Thank you! -C

It was such a pleasure taking your class at Vegetarian Summerfest, I meant it when I said that your class was the best part of the event for me. I took my first yoga class four weeks ago and though I’ve always been active, mainly dancing samba, I was never engaged in a physical activity that really made me look inwards. Your class took that to another level. I wish I lived in Boston!  -J

Your voice is so soothing, calming, just listening to you is like getting a massage. -J

Nothing slows me down and anchors me like your class – it’s such a gift to myself.  -E”

“I really enjoyed class today. The pace was just what I was looking for. Looking forward to the retreat and many more Sundays.” -P

“Sunday morning yoga is nothing short of a blessing.” -J

I’ve been using your classes as preparation for a major surgery, it’s meant so much to me, to help me prepare for this uncertainty, thank you so much for these classes. -N

“Your classes just get better and better, I just bought a 30 class pack and will see you monday.” -B

It was an amazing class. Thank you. I have felt the effects all week. Especially with the inner urgings to give and receive more love; to look for for the beauty in everything; to do my best and allow the results to be what they may. -M

“I’ve been doing Yoga for many years, and nobody, nobody teaches like you.” -M

I bring this class into my week, and it helps so much, thanks so much for building this community we gather in. -S

“That was the most profoundly presented Yoga class I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been around the Yoga world for many years.” -k

After the 6pm Monday class I am so relaxed I have to let my wife drive me home. -G

“Thank you so much for the care and energy you bring to your teaching. It is changing my life.”  -M

“I’m so glad you added the Sunday Class, it lasts well into my week.” -J

“I must tell you that your class this morning was just a huge blessing.” -E

Your classes are unique, and have some real staying power offering something to carry forward into the day and beyond. -L

“I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as a perfect Yoga class, but this class was just perfect for me.

“I would call your style ‘Poetic Vinyasa’ Your rich vocabulary of inner visualizations really help me to connect. I’ve never seen a class like this.” -E

“What took me so long to find this sunday morning Yoga class? I’ll be back.”

“THANK YOU – my back and spine STILL feel wonderfully warm and a shoulder that was giving me trouble all day, has stopped. See you next Monday.” -E

“There’s a sweetness in your teaching that I so appreciate, thank you for following your passion.” -T

“Retreat was amazing, and I love the community that develops.  When I see people from retreat back here in classes, there’s a feeling of family between us.  If there is still space, Sign me up for the Fall retreat!.” -B

“I arrange my whole week around your classes, you teach real Yoga.” -S

“Wednesday’s class really worked for me, but today was over the top, classes just keep getting better and better.” -L

“You have such gift for what you do…..I was totally inspired by your class and your stories….” R.

“My best trees are in your class!  I love how we offer ourselves up.” -E

“I’m a long-time Yoga teacher who came to your class last week, your style and way of teaching work very well.  What you are doing is very special, and the results are long-lasting.  My birthday present to myself was to cancel my own class and come back to yours.  Thank you very much.”   -V”

“I love this class! I don’t know what it is, but I feel so much better afterwards. I’m committing to being here every week.” -J

I really enjoyed class and can’t believe how good I feel, I’m bringing my husband, he’s inspired after seeing how much better I feel. Thank you for a wonderful class.”  -T

“Thank you for the exquisite class last night. Something clicked into place and, giving myself over totally to the breathing, the movement, the effort, the music, the guidance, the cool breeze coming in the window, there was so much calm and sweetness. This has been a time of surrender, of listening, of stillness. Grateful for the opportunity to spend these amazing moments in your presence.” -D

“I’m very type A, and this is the only Yoga class I’ve ever liked.” -G

Your classes are always refreshing. I feel so well nourished in the flow, crossing the bridge from old to new.” -M

“You are doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.  Thanks for all you offer us each week, I so look forward to class.” -A

“If I could work your classes into my schedule, I would go everyday!” -P

“John, you’ve got a great voice for Yoga. You could read the dictionary to us and it would be soothing and nurturing.” -D

“Please sign me up for your monthly newsletter, I loved class this morning and look  forward to coming back.”  -S

“In case you haven’t heard this before (which I doubt), you are an amazing yoga teacher. Your class is always great, and I always leave feeling 100% better. You just have a way about you, even your voice is calming. And you have an ability to make it easier to understand how to relax and focus on the practice of yoga, and not simply doing to the poses. You are doing what you are meant to be doing, and I have greatly benefited from it.”  -A.

“You always seem to know just what I need, I get my best sleep on Monday nights after class.” – S.

“Thanks for the lovely yoga this evening, the music, the peace and your radiant presence.” -D

I am very grateful to know you and for the ways my life is deeper because of all you bring to your teachings and classes. -J

“Thank you for being you, and for teaching the way you do.  this Yoga is a blessing.” -L

“You are a rare and instinctive individual who gets what is going on in our world.  I’m grateful that I found yoga, and I am especially grateful when the class is given by someone in your realm of truth, connection, and peace.”  -R”

“I come to your class, because it’s clear that you live your Yoga, a rare find these days.” -M

“Your classes are always refreshing and surprising. I feel so well nourished and nourishing in the flow, crossing the bridge from old to new. Thank you for another great Sat sang.” -M

I always enjoy coming to your Yoga class.  You are a gift to us. Thank you,” -R

I’m a teacher, and work with kids all day, I love my job, but it takes so much out of me.  I feel so blessed to have this class in my life, I look forward to it all week.”  -C

“Class was wonderful last night- I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do Yoga – your teaching is a bright light on the path!”   – V

“Words don’t describe, You’ve been a profound influence on my practice, and my teaching.”  -K

“Can’t wait to to go on the Spring retreat! I love your classes and always feel I’ve honored my spirit after i’ve taken one.  Please sign me up.”  -D

From the mom of a teen Yogi:As he and I were sharing lunch later he said “Mom, John is the man.” – high praise, I assure you!”

I’ve practiced with many teachers who attempt to be real.  You’re a natural John. You inhabit and radiate these teachings, and we’ll sure miss you while you’re in Asia. -K

“You have a gift, a talent, a passion and how fortunate for your students you are sharing that with us. At home I was able to extend the deep relaxation that yoga class brought me.”  -B

“This is just the class I’ve been looking for, non-competitive, with a nice balance of spirit.  I’ll see you next week for sure.” -J

“Maybe my time away and off the mat made today’s class seem

especially precious, but it was so wonderful to spend Saturday morning in your class. From every class I always seem to take away some nugget of wisdom to think about all week.”  – L.”

“One of my favorite things about your class is the great music. I look forward to wondering what i’m going to be doing yoga to each class. Thanks for all you do!” -K

“That was just what I needed.  I appreciate your warm and authentic teaching.  It really comes through that you live what you teach.” -L

“Thanks so much for the lovely yoga class last evening.  It was just what I needed.  Always such a rush to leave work early and fight the traffic from NH but so well worth it, always !”   – D

“Thank you for helping us in class this evening. I am feeling more relaxed than I have in quite some time…..even a bit more focused. I know my daughter and I have much to learn from you…lessons to help us realize and attain our goals. Stay well.”  -C

“My best Tree postures are in your class!, thanks for your help with my balance.”   -E

“Thank you for 2 wonderful years as your student.  For years I tried Yoga, thinking I “should” because it’s “good for me”, but It bored me. I wasn’t ready for the wonderful self journey it would provide.  From the first class with you, something “clicked” within me and my journey began.  It has become a sacred time… a true gift.  Thank you for your teachings, of body, mind and spirit. I will miss your teachings very much but am inspired to find a way to continue my journey!”  -J

“I’ve been around, and this is the first real Yoga I’ve found on the east coast.” -E

“Thanks for subbing today, I hope that you can come back soon, and at some point teach a regular class on our schedule. Our students just love when you come to teach.”  -M

“This Yoga works for my body, for my mind, for my spirit.  I really appreciate how you take the time to break things down for us.  I can really feel the essence of the postures.”  -E

“What you teach in class is much more than the physical, I feel like I’m stretching my spirit as well.” -S

“I’ve tried several Yoga classes, and none of them clicked.  I thought Yoga just wasn’t for me.  A friend brought me to your Monday class and Wow! so this is Yoga.  I feel great, and am looking forward to next week!”  -J

Thanks for all the wonderful music you provide. It is thoughtful and inspiring and infuses all my senses every class. -D

“Please Please Please keep teaching here, I just re-upped my membership to be able to take your class.  Yoga gets me through the week!” -M