Food is life, it becomes part of us. Literally.  I make the majority of my food at home, with quality ingredients, and tend to eat in restaurants where I know the owner,  I believe that food created with intention is better for us. 

Sometimes I resort to ‘food’ bars while on the road.  Not too often, cause most of them seem to have just too much sugar for me.  I feel better when I can pack something more substantial, simple, and real. 

I’ve just hooked up with this great company that makes custom nutritional bars!    there’s a great web interface, you choose your own tasty ingredients from a menu. They even print your chosen name on the wrappers!   and, I’ve arranged a 5% discount for us.

My new favorite thing:

You Bar, at You bar, you build your own nutritional bar

I’m really excited to send ‘make your own bar’ gift certificates to my friends and family, and make bars with their names on them.

I ‘made’ myself a nice vegan bar with no added sugar, and called it by my nickname.

Make your own bar, perhaps name it after your favorite Yoga pose, and! Yes, I called the chef.

Anthony over at YouBar hooked us up. Remember to type in  YogaJohn for a coupon code and get 5% off your order!

Check out, and have a blast!  let me know what you end up making, we could trade and have a taste-test.

how about a SuryaNamaskarBar?

Om Shanti, see you in class.


P.S.  Just A few spots still open in the special Restorative Yoga class next Sunday, and check out our Invoking Shiva  class the following Saturday of May 2’nd.  This will be the last workshop this season.  see the events page for more info!