"Want Change?  Make Changes."  is an old saying from back in my engineering days.  Don't get me started about stagnation in the corporate world.

Not just a big-biz phenomenon, We all form patterns of behavior, some serve us well, and some are in the way of who we're becoming.

Yoga asks us to look at things differently, through a lens that is continually cleansed and changed by our practice.

Yoga asks us not to get lulled into the trap of complacency.

change through the heat of Tapas

Doing just one thing different can change everything.  Take a different route home today.  Buy that strange looking vegetable at the farmers market. Skip Netflix this week and go to the big screen, go to the drive in.  Walk don't drive.  Wash the dishes by hand.  Need some new and very-loyal friends? Buy a bird feeder.  Go to that other coffee shop with a good book.  If you always read, just sit and sip. Try a new Yoga class out.  (hint… visit LuLu Lemon and pickup a bunch of first-class-free coupons to the area studios.)   Yeah, I'll miss you in class, but, it may be really good for you.  

What do you avoid, shy away from?  Why?  Shake things up:  Roll out your mat.  Do your nemesis posture 10 times, with a smile.  imagine it was your favorite.  If you've been practicing for years, take a beginners class.  Next time you're feeling resistance to something, step right into it.  Cook it with the heat of your Tapas.  The resistance becomes dust in your path.  Yes, you're a step closer to who you're becoming.

Sidestepping our normal patterns tells ourselves at many levels that we are open to change, really, and that we are making room for it.

Anyone can want change, anyone can set an intention, but a Yogi follows through with the effort required, and that Tapas creates lasting change.  

"If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always got."   -Hanumanji at Ananda Ashram

So I put it out there, Make a change, click on the 'add your comment link' and inspire us all with how it goes. 

Om Shanti,  I'll see you in Class  -j