A very-inspiring Asana practice from the folks at Elephant Beans, click the link below to see the video:


I’m often asked to recommend books, dvd’s, but am most-asked about the music playing in class.  I’ve begun to populate the john’s favorite link on the left side of my website with selected items.  I’m now working on a way to post the songlists from class.  Now that would be very-cool.

Om Shanti, See you in class!


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Namaste. I’ve been practicing and teaching Peace, Yoga, and Mindful living for many years. What comes out in class is from decades of going inwards. I love sharing what is rising in my practice and my day to day life of noticing more about this incredible world we live in. Peace -j

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  1. ebean January 31, 2009 at 6:04 am

    The lady in this video is (I think) one of the girls involved with this blog: “Being with yoga” . It seems they are starting a yoga studio in Squamish and if there ever were a reason to head up there, I think this is it!


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