Hi. Sorry. I’ve been promising this for a while.

Here are the places you can get the music that I’ve been talking about in class. the eight hour cello composition by Max Richter.

What Max says about he piece:  “Its my personal lullaby for a frenetic world, he says. A manifesto for a slower pace of existence.”

He also released a one hour condensed version called From Sleep that is “a different trip through the same landscape.”

I love it to practice with, to cook with, to read with… Soon I’ll try to sleep with it, as his piece was carefully designed with a team of neuroscientists to invoke sleep. Max says that if he could, He’d sleep 23 hours a day.

Here’s the pointer to stream or download:

Eight hour version: Sleep – Max Richter

One hour condensed version: From Sleep – Max Richter

Or you can get a real CD or Vinyl here:

Eight hour version: Max Richter Sleep

One hour condensed version:  Max Richter From Sleep

a few liked this song where Carlos Santana plays some meditation music with a great pianist.

From Amazon:

Carlos Santana, Love Devotion and Surrender

Or stream it from iTunes here:

Love Devotion Surrender (with the Mahavishnu Orchestra) – Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin

I’ll continue to search for beautiful music and will be sure to share the gems with you all.