I saw my first extra wide mat today. A National teacher is earnestly pitching ‘the mat with heart.’ It is six inches wider, encouraging us to spread out…

More is less.

While maybe fine for a home practice, bringing one of these mats to a Yoga class is the equivalent of parking your car sideways and taking up two spots.

Last week in Concord, 66 of us gathered for Sunday morning practice. (Don’t you people read the NY times?, we’re now supposed to be scared of Yoga!) I did the math, If we had all tried to unroll a ‘mat with heart’, 17 of us would have had to turn around and go home. How fair is that?

It’s billed as the mat made with ‘soulful engineering, the mat for everybody,’ Well, everyone except the 17 people who can’t fit in class now. Taking a wider perspective, Innovation like this might put a studio close to the edge out of business.

If you’re thinking “but it’s just a mat john,” you reaffirm your place in the collective consciousness of ‘more’ that has brought our world to the brink. If you pause and look below the surface level of how things appear to be you become part of the solution.

This SUV of Yoga mats requires more materials, more energy to create, more packaging and fuel to ship. Is this really the direction we want to take?

If you require a bigger mat, by all means take care of yourself. As practicing Yogis, we boldly claim our space without apology, nor do we take any more than we need. One parking spot is enough.

Less is the new more.

Last week If we had all had gotten just 1/2 inch closer, one more person could join us for Yoga practice. Aparigraha anyone?

I will walk my talk. Last night I sheared 1/2″ off the width of my mat as a gesture of community, and a shrinking of my Yoga footprint. Care to join me?

how much space do you really need?

I appreciate innovation, and the need for businesses to be profitable, but like all products, they can only sell it if we buy it. Remember that every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in. Your choices matter, your actions ripple far and wide. Our new mantra could be: ‘Less is More.’ Please share this with a friend

Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class.

P.S. Mosabee sent me a gorgeous new chocolate brown eco friendly Yoga mat to check out and tell you about. (Yes, it’s regular size, and has a great feel) Instead of trying it, (I’m kind of liking my skinny mat) it will go to the lucky winner of the monthly class raffle. Remember to fill out your slip after class. Good Luck! -j